Raw for Glow – Marina Grubic, E-book

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Englesko izdanje za srpsko tržište / The English edition for Serbian market

Štampano izdanje možete kupiti ovde / Printed edition you can purchase here

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Marina is an artist. Her creations in the kitchen are not just delicious, but also always beautifully presented, which only serves to heighten the pleasure of eating her food. Marina is a serious student. Over the years that she has studied with me, I have always been impressed by her attention to detail, and her dogged determination to fully understand the subject at hand. Her energy and enthusiasm are second to none.

Dr.Douglas Graham,
the author of the book “The 80 10 10 Diet”

Our excellent “Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy” student Marina’s commitment to 100% healthful cuisine shines through in her salubrious book. In this age of toxic gourmet recipes and grandiose gluttony, Marina’s simple recipes are exactly what the world needs to embrace. The recipes are so exquisitely delightful, everyone will be hooked.

Dr. David Klein,
Dean of the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy
Co-author of The Vibrant Diet

Marina Grubić shows by example that it is possible to easily have a healthy diet and lifestyle. She is a motivation and inspiration to many to find their way to healthy living. Thank you Marina for your consistency and persistency in spreading the mission and practice for optimal and conscious diet for humans. And what else is possible for you to create in this World?

Margareta Vesna
A holistic therapist

Marina Grubić first of all believes in a right diet and shows by example how much energy and beauty we can have in life when we make decision to nourish ourselves more consciously, healthier and wholesomely. Her recipes are light, practical and fast to prepare, which makes preparation easier, especially to very busy people. Food should be our medicine, eating – gratitude to life, and the style of our diet should first of all to bring us vitality, strength and joy. Following the recipes of Marina Grubić, some of which we published in our “Sensa” magazine, you will get the style of new age life.

Jasmina Stojanović
The chief editor of SENSA Magazine